Definition of the Veteran

A military veteran is any South Sudanese who rendered military services to the South Sudanese government and liberation army which was involved on all sides of South Sudan’s liberation wars: has completed his or her military service and no longer performs active military duties or is deceased and has not been dishonorably discharged from military services of South Sudan. These statutory Armies referred to include : Kings African Rifle (KAR),South Sudan Rifles (SSR),South Sudan Army (SSA) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA)

Services and benefits to military Veterans

  • Military pensions and survivors benefits
  • Free access to military healthy facilities
  • Skills training and education support
  • Job placement
  • Burial support
  • Psychotherapy

Management Structure

  • A Minister of State for Defence in-charge of Veteran Affairs.
  • Operational Head/Inspector General

Departments of military veterans

  • Directorate of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Directorate of Intelligence and Security
  • Directorate of Political Education
  • Directorate of Management Information Systems
  • Directorate of Human Resource Management
  • Directorate of Finance


The mandate of the Chieftaincy of Pensions and Gratuity (COPG) is to process Pensions and Gratuity for SPLA Officers and Militants. 


The Mission of COPG is “to process terminal benefits to all deserving beneficiaries as prescribed by law to replace the loss of Income created by either death or retirement of the SPLA officers and militants.”


  • The objectives of COPG are:
  • Educating serving Officers and Militants of SPLA about their terminal benefits and procedures to get them upon retirement or death.
  • Processing of terminal benefits for the deserving beneficiaries as prescribed by law.
  • Budgeting for the Pensions and Gratuity for those to be retired personnel.
  • Facilitating the Pensions authority in Assessment, grant and payment of the Pensions and Gratuity to beneficiaries.