1) The Ministry of Defence & Veterans Affairs (MoDVA) has an appointed Certified Procurement Practitioner and Consultant- M/s Executive Ventures Ltd, who handles all the preliminary aspects of evaluation and shortlisting of intending Service Providers and Suppliers to the Ministry.

2) The Ministry conducts contracts by Procurement method(s) that are determined through a preliminary evaluation report and /or Pre-qualification process is conducted by the Consultant.

3) The three (3) types of Procurement Methods are International Open Competitive or Selective/Restrictive and Direct/ Single-Source.

4) The process of determining the most suitable service provider is on the basis of established internal criterion and baselines in accordance with Procurement Rules 2013.

5) Any intending service provider/supplier is required to submit with the consultant certified/notarized documents of their:-

-Certificate of Incorporation,
-Articles and Memorandum of Association, 
-Particulars of Directors,
-Tax Identification Number(TIN),
-Manufacturing/Dealership/Distributorship License or Authorization and or any other equivalent document that can bolster an entity’s commercial standing and competitiveness.

6) The registration process with the contracting entity is to be executed at cash fees payable at the counter under the following schedules:

i) Open International Competitive Bidding @ 0.1% of the total contract value.

ii) International Selective / Restrictive @ 0.3% of the total contract value;

iii) Direct/ Single-Source @ 0.5% of the total contract value.

Before effecting the requisite registration payment an intending vendor/ service provider will be required to go through the following sequential steps:-

a) One picks the appropriate forms and have them filled in.
b) Proceeds to submit the forms to the relevant counter for verification.
c) Makes the registration payment at the designated counter.
d) Gets payment receipt and retains the original while the duplicate is forwarded to the Procuring entity’s authorized officer for approval to the next procurement stage.

7) The authorized officer upon receipt of the duplicate proceeds to authorize purchase of Solicitation Docs at a prescribed fee set by the Procuring entity.

8) Upon Solicitation Document purchase an intending contractor/service provider/ supplier  is required to study and comply as required in accordance with the relevant rules to which both an intending service provider / supplier and the procuring unit must adhere to.

Part(1) thereof of the Solicitation Documents are instructions to the service provider/vendors requiring strict compliance by all parties. 

Part(2) always relates to contract framework terms as will time and again be suggested by the Procuring Unit in accordance with International Chamber of Commerce rules. Entities will be required to confirm or vary by suggesting amendments if any for consideration by the Solicitor General. After negotiations if consented to by both parties will be incorporated into the final contract document for signature.

Part(3) contains the Agreement as shall be agreed inter-parties and signed,sealed and delivered.
9) In the Solicitation Docs are forms that  have to be filled in after extraction and put on a company’s letter head for submission to the Procurement Unit’s authorized officer.
10) Then a Pre-qualification /evaluation exercise ensures.
11) If the criterion set for A planned procurement is fulfilled the authorized officer proceeds to issue a Letter of Contract Offer.
12) Schedules and Payment Terms are then consented upon which the procuring unit’s authorized officer proceeds to issue a Letter of Contract Award and proceed to invite a Vendor for signature.
13) After contract signature there is a requirement to submit a refundable Performance Security in the format and manner described in the Solicitation Docs.
14) Thereafter a supplier/vendor/service provider  submits a written request for payment in a manner that shall be agreed upon inter-parties.
15) The procuring unit through relevant internal departments will process and externalize payments by T/T to the suppliers/ service providers nominated bankers.