To defend the country’s air space, provide air support to the land forces and engage in operations other than war.


To remain the country’s strategic defence power by deterring potential threats and winning wars.

There is ample evidence that the force has played its crucial role in the pursuit of its stated mission.

Building of a standard well trained officers and men core capable of adequately contributing to the fulfillment of the South Sudan Air Force Mission and supporting regional campaigns. 

Provision of support to the Land Forces in the defeat of rebel groups in South Sudan. The ability to identify and hit targets over long distances was more recently demonstrated when the forces destroyed rebel bases in northern parts of the Country.

Provision of support to the Land Forces in the nearly accomplished operations to disarm rebel groups.

Its swiftness in evacuating causalities and in assisting civil authorities in search and rescue missions is commendable.

The South Sudan Air force’s mission and vision are in consonance with the country’s comprehensive Defence policy, especially in threats analysis, given the fact that we are a landlocked country. South Sudan Air force is conscious of the fact that any threats to countries that constitute South Sudan’s lifelines to the seas are threats to South Sudan and this forms a basic ingredient of South Sudan’s strategic Defence posture.

SPLA soldiers and a journalist leave a helicopter after a flight.